Delta Group was first launched in 1996 mainly importing products like tiles. Since then, we have managed to expand globally and be an international brand fulfilling individual needs. For more than two decades, our aim has been and continues so, to provide you with good quality and excellent price on a wide range of products. Every day we work on helping you create the perfect space, by offering the quickest and coherent service.
Since 1996, we have decorated more than 10 million facilities, and continue so, because this is what we know best! To strengthen our portfolio our team searches to find and provide exclusive tiles brands as part of our collection. Our products range from those used in homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals and schools. This is how we meet everyone's needs, by making a difference on quality products and innovative design.


Our mission is to bring you the best design, excellent product quality, and competitive pricing. From an essential look to a look more sophisticated, we propose a tailor-made solution to decorate your house and your work environments. We have always believed that quality, economic success and environmental protection were not mutually exclusive. In fact, we are convinced that together, they are the key to growth for industrial operations.

Values and principles

Our company is identified by our values. These values set us apart from the rest. Our spirit and identity. Respect, freedom, communication, responsibility, initiative and confidence are the values on which holds Delta Group, creating a work environment in which people feel supported. We have an open, honest and transparent spirit and we always show respect for our partners, our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers.

Ethical principles

Delta Group is committed to diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance. The diversity of our employees and their capabilities is one of our strengths and ensure the maintenance of our success. We support and develop personally and professionally to partners in accordance with their capabilities and performance.
You will not accept any kind of directly or indirectly discriminatory behavior, in particular, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender.
Delta Group is strongly committed with the implementation of the legal framework and working conditions for their employees.

Sustainability means Progress

Man’s survival first of all, and then his well being, depend on his protection of the environment, and ultimately therefore, of himself. The contrary would be senseless.
The most interesting examples of green architecture for the future are not individual buildings, but entire communities, whose design and construction center on people and the environment. These communities are known as “ecovillages”. New forms of community-based, social ecology are on the way. Sustainability after all concerns quality of life, and is therefore a social issue. Every since it has been in business, Delta Group has formulated its corporate policies with certain major aims in mind. These objectives include protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with legal requirements, and establishing a framework of reference within which to set goals and targets for improvement unlike any other Organization’s worldwide.