Delta Group presents the newest products launched on the market recently. Our models are in coherence with the requirements of our customers and we offer designs to personalize any space.


Amazonites are the newest models for the marble series and have a look that resembles a natural marble as they are very detailed with their colors and layers.
They can be used for Indoor and outdoor and are available only in one color and one size 24”x48”


Jasper is part of the series with a metallic look and is used everywhere, in stores as well as in residences or hospitality depending on the preferences. This model is available in 5 colors and it is only for indoor used.


Karin is part of Stone look.
The modern style of decoration can fit very well with the matte stone look.
It is available in 7 colors and in three dimensions.It can be used for Residential and Comercial as well.

Onyx White Blue

Onyx white blu is part of Cement look serie.
It has a very nice look and it is the most prefer from the architects.
It is available in 2 dimensions.


Paonazzo is part of Cement look and it can be used only indoor for floor and walls
This model has 3 dimensions and his design it is very unic.


Patagonia is a porcelain tile and is part of Stone Collection.
It is available in three colors and it can be used for indoor and outdoor.
You can find this model only in sizes 12”x24”


Wacon is part of marble serie.
It has a very nice look and the interior designer love it.
It is polished and it is only for indoor use.